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Before starting a work or settling the team to start work, planning is the initial and most significant part. This term mainly covers design & build planning, building approval part, product choosing sector, planning advice, pavement and more.

Landviewuk always try to service their customers with efficient and effective planning processes as perfect planning boost the work and follows the legal processes as well.

Architecture Services

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01. Planning Design & Build

Local Expertise in Planning Applications, Design, Plans, Architecture and Construction. Our services are extensive, and we can undertake work in all areas of planning practice.


02 Getting building approval

Expert help on building and planning requirements, necessary authorisations, inspections, licenses and fees.


03. Choosing products wisely

Information on using materials and products that will last the test of time, and what to do if they don't.


04. Paving

If you are looking for a practical and cost-effective way to pave your patio, driveway or pathway our team will help you from design concepts through completion.


05. Help with planning advice

Help to deal with local councils, DAs, government, and rules about different occupancies and sub-divisions.